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Teamleading for researchers [ENG] (Online-Seminar)

Datum: 17. bis 18. September 2020

09:00 - 16:30 on both days

Moderation: Rob Thompson

AE: 20

Angebot durch: Dozierenden-Service-Center (Interne Weiterbildung/Hochschuldidaktik)

Bereich/Kategorie: HD-Kompetenzbereich Leitung

Zielgruppe: Lehrende

Why improve leadership skills? Research science, by its very nature, is a collaborative venture. Being able to lead a group, motivate people and make appropriate decisions are skills essential in order to progress from a PhD. level. Whether your career progresses in academia or industry, a PhD makes a leadership role inevitable. The scientific environment (in both industry and academia) creates its own particular set of challenges, as the teams are made up of highly intelligent, independent and innovative men and women. In such an environment, excellent leadership skills are essential in order to ensure full use of all available talents and so achieve the appropriate success. This workshop will cover - How to motivate people -How to persuade effectively - When it is appropriate to use authority - Creating a “can-do” attitude and environment - Dealing with conflicting motivations and goals Outcomes Participants will learn how to provide strong leadership when necessary and so forge efficient and productive research groups - Essential for success in today’s competitive research environment. Workshop style The workshop draws on the personal experience of all participants as well as that of the trainer, thereby ensuring that the training is specific for and relevant to the participants’ individual needs. The workshop will be a structured discussion forum to facilitate ideas and develop strategies. The workshop will be VERY interactive. Expect to be asked lots of questions, expect to be challenged, expect to participate!