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Statistik-Vertiefung I - Logistic Regression [ENG]

Datum: 18. Mai 2021

09:00 - 12:00 Uhr

Ort: Online-course, meeting URL will be announced shortly before the start.

Moderation: Michael Plöchl, M. Sc.

Angebot durch: Center for Doctoral Studies Lübeck

Bereich/Kategorie: IWB-Kategorie Forschung

Zertifikatsprogramm: Forschungsmanagement

Arbeitseinheiten (AE): 5

Zielgruppe: Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen

Regression is a powerful tool for analyzing relationships between two or more variables. But unfortunately, classic linear regression methods are not suited for dependent variables with only two outcome levels or categorial variables in general. For instance, if you want to predict the probability of developing cancer (yes or no) from the number of smoked cigarettes per week (and other factors) an extension of the linear approach becomes necessary. The most important method in this respect is logistic regression, which therefore constitutes an essential tool in medical, biological and psychological research.
This course is designed for all those researchers who want to extend their statistical toolkit accordingly. Both, the theoretical foundations and important practical aspects of logistic regression will be addressed in a clear and illustrative manner. Applied examples and hands-on exercises support a thorough understanding of the methodological concepts. To optimally benefit from the workshop, participants should be familiar with the basics of linear regression.