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Self-Marketing [ENG] (Online-Seminar)

Datum: 13. bis 21. August 2020

09:00 - 13:00 on all four days: Thursday, 13 Aug. + Friday, 14 Aug. + Thursday, 20 Aug. + Friday, 21 Aug. (all parts have to be attended)

Ort: Online-course, meeting URL will be announced shortly before the start.

Die Veranstaltung ist leider ausgebucht. Sie können sich jedoch in die Warteliste eintragen lassen. Wir kontaktieren Sie rechtzeitig, wenn Plätze frei werden.

Moderation: Carsten Meyer-Mumm, Demos GmbH, Hemsely Fraser Deutschland

AE: 21

Angebot durch: Center for Doctoral Studies Lübeck

Zielgruppe: Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen

A four-day journey - from discovering what self-marketing is, to modelling and practicing how to be assertive, to becoming assertive in situations where you need it using step by step structures This course is highly interactive, practical and yet supportive. It uses many different forms of learning to develop self-marketing skills and lift self-confidence to enable you to position yourself more effectively. This course provides practical guidance for anyone who needs to develop their self-marketing skills for a range of professional situations. You will gain the tools and techniques to make requests assertively, say 'no' to unreasonable demands, give and receive feedback, engage with senior stakeholders, contribute to and manage meetings, proactively address problems and to boost your confidence. At the end of this course, you will leave with a personal action plan identifying the key changes needed to be made, the skills to practise in order to build your self-esteem, build your self-confidence and improve your self-marketing techniques.